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c.1.1.1/Tr/Gl ab-ba-bi ab-ba-me-en nu-mu-ni-be2
c.1.1.1/Tr/Gl ab-ba-bi ab-ba-me-en nu-mu-ni-be2
c.1.3.1/Tr/Gl ab-ba iri šag4 kuš2-u3 […]
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl ab-ba-ab-ba-ar i3-na-ab/ki\-[a]
c.1.7.7/Tr/Gl ab-ba na mu-un-de ab-ba na mu-un-[de]
c.1.7.7/Tr/Gl ab-ba na mu-un-de ab-ba na mu-un-[de]
c.1.7.7/Tr/Gl ab-ba ud-da ba-ra-ab-taka4-a
c. dgilgameš2 igi ab-ba iriki-na-še3
c. unken ĝar-ra ab-ba iri-na-ka
c. inim ab-ba iri-na-ke4 šag4-še3 nu-mu-na-gid2
c. ab-ba di4-di4-la2 kul-aba4ki-a-ke4 me-lem4 bi2-ib-šu2-šu2
c. ab-ba iriki-/za!-a-kam\ mu-ši-/du-un\
c. ab-ba iriki-za-kam mu-ši-du-un
c. ab-ba-ab-ba gu2-tuku-gin7
c. ab-ba iri gal-/zu\ [X X] /e3?\ AB gal an kug-ga
c. ab-ba-ab-ba inim zu-ne
c.2.1.1/Tr/Gl ab-ba-ni lil2-la2
c.2.1.1/Tr/Gl ab-ba-ni nu-kiri6
c.2.1.5/Tr/Gl ab-ba-bi ka-inim-ma ba-an-šum2
c.2.1.5/Tr/Gl ab-ba ud-ta ba-ra-ab-taka4-a
c.2.1.5/Tr/Gl ab-ba a lu2-bi nu-ĝa2-ĝa2
c.2.2.2/Tr/Gl um-ma ab-ba e2-ta nu-e3 izi mu-ni-in-sig10-sig10-ge5-eš
c.2.2.5/Tr/Gl ab-ba lu2-ban3-da šag4 kuš2-u3-bi [X] igi-še3 KA BA bi-[X X]
c. AN X-bi gur ab-ba-še3ab-ba-ĝu10 /sa2?\-dug4 šu ḫa-/ra\-an-il2
c.2.5.4.a/Tr/Gl dumu ab-ba-ra inim-ma-ne2-eš dur2-u3
c.3.3.01/Tr/Gl {ki-ur3 e2 ad-da-ĝa2} {ki-ur3 ab-ba-ĝa2} lu2 nam-mu-da-an-kar-re
c.4.05.1/Tr/Gl inim ab-ba-še3 ĝizzal ak-de3 ni2 šu-a gi4-gi4-dam
c.4.13.a/Tr/Gl u3-tud ama ab-a za-e mu-un-X X […]
c.4.22.4/Tr/Gl nin u2 nam-til3-la X (X) ab-ba X […]
c.5.5.2/Tr/Gl /ab\-ba ki re-a-še3 dumu-ni-ir kiĝ2 bi2-in-gi4
c.5.5.2/Tr/Gl ab-ba uru2ki-a tuš-a-ra tur5-ra gaba ba-ri
c.5.5.2/Tr/Gl ab-ba ki-lul-la ba-an-ug5-ga-ta
c.5.5.2/Tr/Gl ab-ba iriki-za-a-kam kana5 ma-[ra-X-X]
c.5.6.1/Tr/Gl na de5 ab-ba niĝ2 kal-la-am3 gu2-zu ḫe2-em-ši-ĝal2
c.5.6.1/Tr/Gl na de5 ab-/ba\ [niĝ2 kal-la-am3 gu2-zu ḫe2-em-ši-ĝal2]
c.5.6.1/Tr/Gl na de5 ab-ba niĝ2 kal-la-am3 /gu2\-zu ḫe2-em-ši-ak
c.5.6.1/Tr/Gl ab-ba diĝir-ra-/am3\ [(X)] mu-un-dadag-ge
c.5.6.1/Tr/Gl ab-ba diĝir-am3 /inim\-ma-ni zid-da
c.5.6.1/Tr/Gl na de5 ab-ba-še3 ĝizzal ḫe2-em-ši-ia-ak
c.6.1.02/Tr/Gl e2-a-ni e2 zag iri-gin7 ab-ba ḫe2-[…]
c.6.1.26/Tr/Gl [ab]-ba i-de5-de5-ga ba-[…]
c.6.2.2/Tr/Gl sig5? ab-ba-bi u2 /am3\-[…]
c.6.2.3/Tr/Gl inim ab-ba-še3 ĝizzal ak-de3 (ši-<bi-im> tu!-te-qi2-a-am)

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