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c. [X] gi-in-zu di u3-mu-un-na me-e /mu\-[…]
c. [X] /gi\-in-zu di u3-mu-un-na me-e […]
c.6.2.3/Tr/Gl gi4 niĝ2-nam-ma al-[…]
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl šu-tab ze2-ĝa2 gi4-in […]
c.2.2.2/Tr/Gl gi4-in du5-mu-ĝu10 ma2-e ḫa-ba-ab-laḫ4-e-eš a uru2-ĝu10 ga-am3-dug4
c.2.2.3/Tr/Gl ga-ša-an-ĝen niĝ2-gur11-ĝa2 ga-ba-da-[u5 ki]-ba gi4-in de3-ĝen
c.2.2.3/Tr/Gl kug na4za-gin3-ĝu10-ta ga-ba-e-[da]-u5 ki-ba gi4-in de3-ĝen
c.6.1.11/Tr/Gl /gi4\-in al?-/tum4?\-me na-ab-be2-e
c.6.1.19/Tr/Gl gi4-in an-ba pa /nu-um-e3\ ga-ša-an-a-ni mu-ni-ib-gu-ul-gu-/ul\
c.6.1.21/Tr/Gl /gi4\-in ud šu2-šu2-/ru\ ĝi6 MAŠ-a-gin7 an-na-di-/di\-[(X)]
c.6.2.3/Tr/Gl /gi4\-in ga-/ša-an\
c.6.2.3/Tr/Gl gi4-in gi4-ne na-an-[…]
c.6.1.11/Tr/Gl X MU gi4-in-a-kam
c.6.1.03/Tr/Gl e2-ta e3 sila-ta kur9-ra gi4-in-e
c.6.1.09/Tr/Gl e-re /na?\-[aĝ2-u3-mu-un] [ir-ra] gi4-in-/e\ [na-aĝ2-ga-ša-an ir-ra …]
c.6.2.3/Tr/Gl gi4-in-gi4-[in] [balaĝ] ba-/ra\-[e3]
c.6.1.21/Tr/Gl gi4-in-gi4-in-e balaĝ ba-ra-/e3\
c.6.2.5/Tr/Gl [gi4]-/in!\-gi4-in-ne balaĝ ba-ra-an-e3-eš
c.6.1.19/Tr/Gl gi4-in-ĝen ga-ša-an-/ra\ /še-er\ /nu-mu-un-na-ma\-[al]
c.6.2.3/Tr/Gl gi4-in-ĝenĝe26-en ga-ša-an-ĝen še-er nu-u3-mu-un-na-ma-al
c.2.2.2/Tr/Gl me-li-e-a gi4-in-ĝu10 uru2 kur2-ra šu-še-er kur2 ḫa-ba-an-dab5
c.6.1.01/Tr/Gl ta-am3 gi4-in-na { ga-an-na-ab-ze2-eĝ3-ĝen } { ga-ma-ze2-ĝe26-e-en-de3-en }
c.6.1.11/Tr/Gl [X (X)] gi4-in-/na\
c.6.1.21/Tr/Gl gi4-in-na an-ba pa nu-um-e3 ga-/ša\-[an-a-ni] […]
c.6.1.21/Tr/Gl egir2 gi4-in-na-ka
c.6.1.04/Tr/Gl [ta]-/am3\ ma-mu2 gi4-in-na-kam
c.6.1.09/Tr/Gl [X] /gi4?-in?\-na-[…]
c.6.1.07/Tr/Gl ka ba-an-la2-a dam-a-ni gi4-in-nam
c.5.6.1/Tr/Gl gi4-in-še3 du-de3 ši-me-ši-ib-šub-šub
c.6.1.09/Tr/Gl egir2 gi4-in-[…]
c.6.2.3/Tr/Gl gi4-in gi4-ne na-an-[…]

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