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A hymn to Ninimma (Ninimma A)

Segment A

1. /kicib-jal2? e2?\ nij2-gur11-ra [...-me-en]
2. /saj en3\ tar dijir gal-e-ne-me-/en\ [X (X)] /GA\ zu-/zu?-me-en\
3. dnin-/imma3\ nin mar-za /gal?-gal\ [(X)] /e2\-kur-ra-me-en
4. /nin\ X X [(X)] X den-lil2-la2 /dub\-sar an-na-me-en
5. im /nam\-til3-/la\ X /jal2?-la\-me-en
(l. 6 is written on the left edge of the tablet; its insertion point is marked with a line on the edge)
6. X IM X X X [...] X NE X X [...]
7. ce /mah\ tum3! nin e2-sar-ra-me-en
8. /ec2?-gana2\ za-gin3 gi-1-nindan /cu\ du7-a-me-en
9. saj /il2?\ /nun-gal\-e-ne-me-en
10. X X [...] AN en? /HAR?-ra\-me-en
11. [... mi2] /zid\ dug4-ga-me-en
12. /cu\ [...]-a-ke4-ne-me-en
13. en3 /tar \ [...] /jectug2\ dirig-ga-/me-en\
14. KA X GA [(X)] X /hul2\-le nu-DU-me-/en\
15. nin-/ju10 cag4\-ta /mah-me-en\ ud-da! pa /e3\-me-/en\
16. /aga?\ za-gin3-na he2!-du7-me-/en\ [(X)] X RA ZA /an-na-me-en\
17. [...] /hi?\-li cu tag-ga [...]
18. [...] /NE? RA?\ X X /GAR3?\ [...]
approx. 10 lines missing

Segment B

1. [...] /kalag?-gin7\ X [...]
2. [...] /e2?\-kur-ra X /nin\ [X] X [...]
3. /gaba-jal2\ d/nanna\ X X /NAM\ X [...]
4. /jectug2\ bad nij2-nam zu-a-me-/en\
5. su3-/ra2?\-[aj2] /kar2-kar2 ec3 mah si?\-[(X)-me-en]
6. den-/lil2\ [...-me]-/en?\
7. /e2? saj?\ [...-me]-/en?\
8. X X [...]-da? KA X [(X)]-me-en
9. susbu cu-luh /kug?-ga?\ gal-bi tum2-ma-me-en
10. cag4-/bi\ X /NAM?\ X [(X)] /KA? a2\-gin7 BU-BU-me-en
11. dnin-imma3 jic-hur /kug-ga\ za3-mi2-zu /dug3-ga\-am3

Segment C

(this line is written on the left edge of the tablet; its insertion point is uncertain: somewhere in Segment B or the gap before)
1. X [... (X)] X RU X X [(X)] X-/me-en\

Print sources

Focke 1998: score transliteration, photograph, handcopy, commentary, translation

Cuneiform sources

Ni 4233 (ISET 1 16; ZA 88, 198-199)

Revision history

20.x.1999: GZ, editor: standardisation
06.xii.1999: JAB, editor: proofreading
13.xii.1999: GC, editor: SGML tagging
22.xii.1999: ER, editor: proofreading SGML
22.xii.1999: ER, editor: web publication GC/JE, editor/technical developer: XML/TEI conversion
30.iii.2005: GC/JE, senior editor/technical developer: lemmatised version published

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