ETCSLglossingSignSignSignSign name: ŠU.PAP.PAP (ŠU.BULUG3)
Values: g̃ešpu2

Enki and Ninmaḫ (c.1.1.2), line c112.84
Ninmaḫ (DN)voiceto pour
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Paragraph t112.p13 (line(s) 83-91) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
Enki devised a shape with head, …… and mouth in its middle, and said to Ninmaḫ: "Pour ejaculated semen into a woman's womb, and the woman will give birth to the semen of her womb." Ninmaḫ stood by for the newborn ……. and the woman brought forth …… in the midst ……. In return (?), this was Umul: its head was afflicted, its place of …… was afflicted, its eyes were afflicted, its neck was afflicted. It could hardly breathe, its ribs were shaky, its lungs were afflicted, its heart was afflicted, its bowels were afflicted. With its hand and its lolling head it could not not put bread into its mouth; its spine and head were dislocated. The weak hips and the shaky feet could not carry (?) it on the field -- Enki fashioned it in this way.
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