ETCSLglossingSignSign name: UD×U+U+U (ITI)
Values: itid

A hymn to Nanše (Nanše A) (c.4.14.1), line c4141.152
Nanše (DN)breadfatty substanceeggto be bright
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Paragraph t4141.p14 (line(s) 137-153) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
Anyone who …… his hand and reaches out (?) for something forcefully (?), and whose hand matches (?) his mouth and who commits violence, who changes a firm foundation or alters a marked out border, who is rushing (?) to the place of oath, (1 line unclear)who …… a small weight in place (?) of a large weight, and …… a small ban measure in place (?) of a large ban measure, who desire something after having acquired something, who does not say "I have eaten" after having eaten, and does not say "I have drunk" after having drunk, and then says," I will set a bowl before you, I will filter beer for you"; a maidservant of a god who …… and …… from the house, an untrustworthy person who …… while living in the house; if anyone says "Serve (?) me, I want to eat", or says "Serve (?) me, I want to drink", then Nanše does not allow him to eat any bread with fat or shining eggs, because of the violation (?).
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