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Proverbs: collection 24

unknown no. of lines missing

1. 1 line fragmentary


2-3. (cf. 6.1.09.a12-13, 6.1.19.b1-2, 6.1.21.b4-5, 6.2.5: YBC 4677 ll. 1-4) When a fattened pig is about to be slaughtered, one says "I must replace what I eat." As the piglet snuffles around, it says I can no longer take pleasure in eating.


4-5. (cf., 6.1.19.b4) He who annihilates a house destroys silver. He who destroys a house destroys gold.


6-7. (cf. 6.1.09.a14, 6.1.19.b5) The lord's wife kneels, the slave girl dies. The lord kneels, the slave dies.


8. (cf.,, 6.1.19.b6) ...... its hands ...... to the edge of the desert.


9-10. There will be losses ....... It will be done .......


11. (cf., He who tosses his head succeeds in crossing the river.


12-14. (cf. 6.1.19.c7, 6.1.21.c1, A man's waterskin is his life. A man's sandals are his eyes. A man's wife is his supervisor (?). A man's son is his protective shade. A man's daughter is his eager servant (?). A man's daughter-in-law is his policeman.


15. (cf., 6.1.19.c2) When the sun is setting outside so that you cannot see a hand in front of you, go inside!


16. (cf. 6.1.21.c4) I would make the beer sweet but my neighbour would not appreciate it.


17-23. (cf. 6.1.21.c5; edited separately as 6.3.b The fowler and his wife) unknown no. of lines missing

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26.iii.2002: JAB, editor: proofreading
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