The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
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Help with searching

Quick tips on searching

There are two search interfaces, one for the whole corpus of Sumerian composite texts and one for the consolidated bibliography. There are presently no plans to implement searching across the English prose translations.

The two search facilities work on identical principles: enter the term you are looking for in the search box and click "Find". The results will appear in the frame immediately below. The results of the bibliography search are displayed in alphabetical order, by author. The results of the composite text search are displayed in the context of the full line of the composition(s) in which the search term appears, with the title of each composition shown to the right. Clicking on the title take you to the entire composition in the frame at the bottom of the screen, where the line in which the search term occurs is highlighted.

The search engines use the same transliteration conventions as the rest of the site (but textual features such as proper names and Emesal are not marked in colour). Thus in the search box:

The search engines generate the results on the go from XML files, not from the HTML files which make up the rest of the website. That means that it is not possible to jump straight from the search results to, say, a translation or bibliography of a particular composition. However, you can use your browser to open a second window if you want to display search results alongside another page of the website.

Search software was written by Steve Tinney of the Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary Project at the University of Pennsylvania, and implemented with the aid of the University of Oxford's Academic Computing Development Team.

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