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OB catalogue at Andrews University (B4): composite text

1[in-nin] /cag4\ gur4-ra (Inana C)
2[in-nin] me huc-a (Inana and Ebih)
3/nin me\ car2-ra (Inana B)
4an-e durac-e
5in-nin AN gal (Nininsina E, 4.22.5 (?))
6igi A da-nu-na
7lugal-me-en cag4-ta (Shulgi A)
8lugal mi2 dug4-ga (Lipit-Eshtar A)
9en-e nij2-ul-e (The song of the hoe)
10den-lil2 su3-ra2-«DU»-/ce3\ (Enlil A)
11X X KAL? lugal-e mu-ni nij2-ul-ce3
12[X] X /nim? gur?\-ra
13[X] X X ra [(...)]
14[X] X en gal (X)
15[X X]-e mi-il-kam
16[(X) X]-/un\ li-ib-bi
17[(X) X]-i mu-de-e ci-tu-lim
18[...] BA? UD AC GI CU A KAM?

19[ud] re-a curuppagki (The instructions of Shuruppag (?))
20ud re-a nij2-ul-e
21ud ul-li2-a-ta ud ba-zal-la-ta (Ur-Ninurta G,
22ud-ul-ur11-e dumu-na na mu-un-rig5-ga (The farmer's instructions)
23ud-ul-li2-a-ta ud dijir-re-e-ne kalam-ma mu-un-X-a-X
24ud re-a nam ba-tar-ra-ba (Enki's journey to Nibru)
25/10 u3-ne\-e-dug4 ca dcul-gi
26[dcu]-[d]/suen\ lugal X X (X) /mah\ u3-na-a-dug4
27[dsu-mu]-/la\-el lugal-ju10-ra u3-na-a-dug4

28[...] X X X X A
29[...] X A X X X X
30[...] am-si ni2-te-na
31[...] /u3?-ne?\ X
32[...] X lugal jic-gid2-da BU X /BI?\
33[...] X X X
34[...] cag4 BA X X X
35[...] X X X X IN AN X BI

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