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OB catalogue from Nibru (N6): composite text

1in-nin9 barag gal an /ki\
2en ec-bar an ki cu-[na jal2]
3cul me-dim2 sag9 sig7 ce-ce-er-ra
4dijir nam-he u3-tud-da an-na (A praise poem of Shu-Suen)
5lu2 en nun-na lu2 nun-na
6gud-dam a2 bar cu-mu?
7lugal! gu2-za muc3-bi ci-du8 nam-lugal!-zu ( Ninurta G)
8ur-saj kal?-kal?-la kiri4 cu du3
9cuba-a na-nam nij2-gun3-na
10cuba la2 cuba la2
11je26-e u2 lal3-a mu-zu
12lugal hi-li gur3-ru (Ur-Namma E, line 25 and Ur-Namma F, line 25)
13lu-lu-a-bi lu-lu (Nanna D, 4.13.04)
14e2 sikil ki sikil-a
15kur gal kur-ra a2 aj2 /gal?\
16e2 ud-gin7 ki gal-la gub-ba (The Kesh temple hymn, line 88)
17egi2 cu dadag me giri17-zal dug3?
18nin an-gin7 mah KA bal-bal
19/nun?\ nam-DUB? ma2? nam-DUB?
20e-el-lu ama mu-gi17-ib
21me-e nu-sig3-ge X di en?-ra
22ab2 nun-e an-na? kur un3-na

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