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Lugalbanda and the mountain cave: bibliography

Print sources used

Alster, Bendt, "Sumerian Canonical Compositions. C. Individual Focus. 1. Proverbs", in Hallo, William W. (ed.), The Context of Scripture, I: Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World, Brill: Leiden/New York/Köln 1997: 563-568. Page 568: translation, commentary
ll. 158-160.

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Black, Jeremy, Reading Sumerian poetry (Athlone Publications in Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies), Athlone: London 1998: translation,commentary

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discussion of relation to Lugalbanda

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edition of ll. 260-378

Vanstiphout, H.L.J., "Reflections on the dream of Lugalbanda: a typological and interpretative analysis of LH 322-365", in Comptes Rendus des Rencontres Assyriologiques Internationales 43, Prague, forthcoming: commentary
discussion of ll. 322-365

Vanstiphout, H.L.J., "Sanctus Lugalbanda", in Abusch, T., and Steinkeller, P. (eds.), Thorkild Jacobsen Memorial Volume, forthcoming: commentary

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Page 9: list of mss.

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Pp. 122-124:summary and list of mss.

Wilcke, Claus, Das Lugalbandaepos, Harrassowitz: Wiesbaden 1969: composite text, translation, commentary
ll. 1-259, in various places in the volume

Electronic sources used

Electronic source material kindly supplied by Miguel Civil (COR11.SPI, 1989: composite text; L1.HW, 1992: composite text); Joachim Krecher (LIT1.TXT, 1996, based on legacy material by H. Behrens: composite text; LIT2.TXT, 1996, based on legacy material by Bram Jagersma: composite text, translation); Herman Vanstiphout (LMC (also LH/ECSL), 1997: score transliteration, composite text); and Claus Wilcke (LUGALB-1, 1998: composite text).

Cuneiform sources

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