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The shumunda grass: composite text

1ab-ba na mu-un-de ab-ba na mu-un-[de]

2im ba-cej3-ja2-ba e2-jar8 ba-gul-la-[ba]
3cika bar7-bar7-ra ba-cej3-ja2-ba
4lu2-ra lu2 gi4-ba gaba ba-ri-a-ba
5mu ba-dug4-ga-ba in-ga-an-dug4
6ce ba-su-ub-ba in-ga-an-su-ub
7ud im-e je26-e ga-cej3 im-mi-in-dug4-ga-ba
8ud e2-jar8-e je26-e ga- (ms: cej3) gul ? im-mi-in-dug4-ga-ba
9ud a-ma-ru je26-e ga-ur3-ur3 im-mi-in-dug4-ga-ba
10an in-dug4 ki in-tu-ud
11u2-cumunda in-ga-an-tu-ud
12ki in-tu-ud an in-dug4
13u2-cumunda in-ga-an-tu-ud
14gi lum-lum-ma-ni izi ba-an-la2 so copy; Kramer's translit. adds: -la2
15ri-a-ri-a-bi gaba ba-ri-a-bi
16um-ma ud-da ba-ra-ab-tag4-a
17ab-ba ud-da ba-ra-ab-tag4-a
18gala-mah mu-da ba-ra-ab-tag4-a
19mu-lu a-ma-ru-ta ba-ra-ab-tag4-a
20u2-cumunda kij2-gi4-a ba-an-gaz
21kij2-gi4-a ba-an-gaz sahar hub-be2 ba-tuc
22u2-cumunda izi la2-la2 am3-me u2-du3-a-ni nu-ub-be2
23u2 nu-mu-dub2-dub2-be2 u2 nu-mu-bur2-bur2-re
24u2 nu-mu-bur2-bur2-re ma-a! um-ma-an-du3
25tukum mu-un-gub-be3 tukum mu-un-nu2-e
26izi um so copy; Kramer's translit. has im-ma-an-cum2 dajal-ba jen-na-ni
27u2-cumunda ki-gub-ba-ni a-a sis-na
28izi ga-ba-jar ga-ba-jar im-ma-ni-in-du7-e
29ur2 e2-an-na-ke4 izi im-ma-ni-ri
30cu im-ma-ni-in-du3 cu im-ma-ni-in-la2
31inim ka-na um-ma-da-jal2-la
32ga-ca-an-an-na-<ke4 > uga!(NAGA<.GA>)mucen ba-e-dib2 ugu-ni-ce3 ba-gub
33sipad-de3 e-ze2-ni ma-a-a-ba mu-da-ab-cub
34ga-ca-an-an-na- (ms: ra) ke4 ? ugamucen ba-e-dib2-ba

35im ba-cej3-ja2-ba e2-jar8 ba-gul-la-ba
36cika bar7-bar7-ra ba-cej3-ja2-ba
37ddumu-zid-de3 gaba ba-ri-a-bi
38im ba-da-cej3 e2-jar8 ba-da-gul
39tur3 ba-da-gul amac ba-da-bu
40id2-da a-ji6 hul ba-an-da-cub
41ambar-ra im hul ba-an-da-cub
42x na-am2-GADA(?) id2idignaid2buranun-ke4
43id2idigna id2buranun-ke4 u2 gid2-da ba-an-mu2
44u2 gid2-da AN-x aj2 zu-a
5 lines missing
 50u2-du3-a-ni /mu-ub\-be2 [u2 mu-dub2]-/dub2\-be2
51u2-cumunda izi-la2 e-x [x x x] x
52u2-cumunda izi-la2 am3-[ma-an]-du3
53izi-la2 am3-ma-an-du3 en3 mu-un-na-tar-re
54ga-ca-an-an-na-ra lu2-azlag tug2-ga-ni dan3-dan3-na
55ga-ca-an-an-na nagar jicbal-e cu bi2-in-dib2-ba
56ga-ca-an-an-na bahar2-e dug-sila3 am3-kir3-kir3
57bahar2 dug-utul2 kug mu-un-na-anso copy; Kramer's translit. omits-cum2 sipad-de3 e-ze2-ni mu-na-ab-ga
58sipad-de3 e-ze2-ni mu-na-ab-ga en3 mu-un-na-tar-re
59u2 giri17-zal u2 giri17-zal buru14-gin7 mu-na-ab-ga
60gu3 an-e ba-te gu3 ki-ce3 ba-te
61gu3 cu-nijin2-na-ni an-ur2-ra tug2-gin7 im-mi-in-dul gada-gim im-mi-in-bur2
62saj-du u2-cumunda-ke4 im-[u18-lu-im-u18]-/lu\ bi2-in-cub
63u2-cumunda mu-zu [...] x-e
64u2 he2-me-en [...]
65u2 hul-gig-ga [he2-me-en ...]
66mu-[zu ...]
approx. 23 lines missing

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