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Self-Praise of Shulgi (Shulgi A): bibliography

Print sources used

Falkenstein, A. "Sumerische religiöse Texte, 2. Ein Culgi-Lied", Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 50 (1952), 61-91: commentary, composite text, translation.

Frayne, D. "Culgi, the runner", Journal of the American Oriental Society 103 (1983), 739-748: commentary.
Lines 28-35.

Klein, J. Three Culgi Hymns. Sumerian Royal Hymns Glorifying King Culgi of Ur. Ramat-Gan: Bar-Ilan University Press 1981, 167-217: commentary, translation, composite text.

Römer, W. H. P., and Hecker, K, Lieder und Gebete 1 (Texte aus der Umwelt des Alten Testaments, II/5). Gütersloh: Gütersloher Verlagshaus Gerd Mohn 1989, 673-681: translation, commentary.
(by Römer)

Electronic sources used

Electronic text kindly supplied by J. Krecher (lit2.txt, 1996,based on electronic legacy material from B. Jagersma); and by M. Civil (COR1.SPI, 1989).

Cuneiform sources

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