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A hymn to Nibru and Ishme-Dagan (Ishme-Dagan C): composite text

1ec3 nibruki ec3 abzu-a ab-dirig e2-kur za-gin3-am3
2nun-zu nun-a ab-dirig kur gal a-a den-lil2
3nin gal-zu munus zid ama dnin-lil2 nam-nin-e dib-ba-am3
4saj-en3-tar-zu nam-cul-la dirig ur-saj dnin-urta
5sukkal mah zabar zid-za tum2-ma a2 ki-nu2-zu dug3-dug3
6saj-KEC2 me zid-za en-nu kar2-kar2-dam
7sipad me zid-za en-nu kar2-kar2-bi-im
8u2-a-zu a ru-a kur gal-la u3-tud-da dnin-lil2-la2
9dic-me-dda-gan a ru-a kur gal-la u3-tud-da dnin-lil2-la2
10uj3 car2-car2-ra-ba-na mu mah jiri3-za sig10-ga-am3
11nibruki za3-mi2-zu nij2 ka-ge du7-am3 ka-ka he2-en-jal2
12dug4-ga zid-zu-ce3 dijir da-nun-na he2-em-ma-sug2-sug2-ge-ec
13ec3 nibruki iri ul me hal-ha za3-mi2-zu dug3-ga-am3
14ezen gal-gal mi2 dug4-ga nibruki
15nam-mah den-lil2 dnin-lil2-la2
16ki? dijir gal-gal-e-ne [...]-la-e-ec-am3


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