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A hymn to Nininsina for Ishbi-Erra (Ishbi-Erra D): translation

1-9The great gods elevated ......, and made ...... perfect.
2 lines unclear
Your garment is an exalted garment; Enlil has ....... You were brought up sitting on the knees of An the king, and the great gods elevated ....... Woman whose name inspires awe, Gula, ....... You go against all the foreign lands, lady who, for all her pleasantness, fearsomely and mightily ......, who lifts her head in great and elevated divinity.

10-14Nininsina, your father established you in ladyship over the Land. In awe at you, never altering the fearsomeness ......, holy Nininsina, lady Gula, Nininsina, in the Egal-mah, founded by An -- bring joy to Icbi-Erra, the beloved of your heart.

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