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An adab to An for Lipit-Eshtar (Lipit-Eshtar C): translation

1-2The august lord, pre-eminent, with the most complex divine powers, almighty grandfather of all the lords --

3 barsud.

4-9-- head high, surpassing everyone, breed-bull, who makes the seeds sprout, whose name is respected, spreading great terror, whose august commands cannot be countermanded, who is imbued with awesomeness on the mountain of pure divine powers, who has taken his seat on the great throne-dais, An, the king of the gods --

10 cagbatuku.

11-18-- has looked at him with long-lasting favour, has looked at prince Lipit-Ectar with favour. He has bestowed on him a long life, he has bestowed on prince Lipit-Ectar a long life. The words of what An says are firmly established; no god would oppose them. At the place of where the destinies are to be decided, all the Anuna gods gather around him.

19 cagbatuku.

20-21He has made all the great divine powers manifest; the gods of heaven stand around him.

222nd barsud.

23-28He has implemented their divine plans properly; the gods of the earth submit themselves to him (1 ms. has instead: sit around him). With august and foremost (?) divine powers, great An has bestowed on Lipit-Ectar, son of Enlil, a kingship which is very precious.

29 sa-gida.

30-31An, the great, the great god shining forth, An, the almighty (1 ms. has instead: eminent), is indeed the support of king Lipit-Ectar.

32Its jicgijal1 ms. has instead: Its jicgijal of the sa-gida).

33-52In the overflowing of his heart, An has chosen him as king and blessed the royal descendant: "Lipit-Ectar, on whom I bestowed power, may you lift your head high! May you spread fearsome radiance as if you were the front of a rising tempest! May your storm cover the enemy territories, the disobedient countries! You have established justice in Sumer and Akkad, and made the Land feel content. Lipit-Ectar, son of Enlil, may you shine as brilliantly as the sunlight! May concord be created under you in the established cities, settlements and dwellings! May the black-headed people, numerous as flocks, follow the right path under you! Lipit-Ectar, even in far-away foreign countries, you will be the king! Enlil has faithfully bestowed on you the princely august throne, the eternal ornament of kingship; he has made it firm for you. May you never cease to wear the crown that Suen has placed firmly on your head! Enki has adorned you with princely divine powers. Inana escorts (?) you with the garment of princeship. The friendly guardians and the protecting genii of the E-kur stand by you. May the food offerings, wine, and milk that you bring ......! Son and creature of Enlil, may everything be pleasant for you!
2 lines missing

53 sa-jara.

54"May you, son of Enlil, chosen in his heart by the god imbued with awesomeness, be provided abundantly with everything!"

55Its jicgijal.

56-58What An says decides a good destiny; what the great An says decides a good destiny. ...... for Lipit-Ectar, son of Enlil.

59Its uru.

60An adab of An.

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