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Sîn-iddinam and Ishkur (Sîn-iddinam E): translation

1-8When Ickur -- the lord, the storm, the ...... lion, the great storm of heaven and earth, confident in his majesty, the foremost, the advocate, the son of An, whose head is clothed in power, the fearsome chief lord, the great storm that has no rival ......, who masses the clouds -- rushes within the storm, the earth trembles before him.

9-18A majestic wind bellowing in the broad heavens, whose thunder signifies abundance -- when he utters his cries, the Land and the great mountains are fearful. Great hero, holding the shepherd's crook in his hand and clasping authority at his side -- when he roars over the sea and covers the Land with radiance, huge hailstones ...... and slanting (?) rain, ...... they set up ...... for him.

19-232 lines missing
...... like a reed (?), on their own accord at his presence they (?) lift ...... to him.

24-32He surveys these numerous people -- the lord of prosperity who makes celebration plentiful, who gives sustenance to the Land, the merciful prince whose solicitude is kind, the protector of Larsa, the helper of Sîn-iddinam on the battlefield, who stands in combat with the troops at his side, the great lord, the canal administrator of An and Enlil, whose destiny has no equal!

33-56Sîn-iddinam -- the mighty man, the humble prince who respects Enlil; approved with a "let it be so!" by the E-kur; the young man given a propitious name by Nanna; the provider of Urim, the king of Larsa, the king of Sumer and Akkad, given broad wisdom and surpassing intelligence by Nudimmud, granted a good reign, a long life and unending abundance by Ickur, his god; who puts in order the divine plans of Eridug, who makes perfect offerings to the gods; the wise one who has restored the ancient divine powers, ...... who has favourably identified his numerous people -- put in place a majestic throne, ...... surpassing in form, for his lord, for his god.

57-67Made grandly from ...... and refined silver, ...... of the beautiful heavens,
approx. 4 lines missing
befitting his size and well-suited to running (?) -- with jubilation he finished the work.

68-74At that time he grandly seated Ickur, his god, on his throne of glory. Then he made its form surpassing for ever. He sought out its majestic divine plans and divine powers.

75-85By the throne he ...... two great wild bulls, below (?) on the right and the left, butting the king's enemies.
1 line fragmentary
The Anuna gods in abundance ...... stand beside him ...... the horizon (?). He ...... that statue and ...... on its lap. He .......
3 lines missing

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