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A hymn to Marduk for Abi-Eshuh (Abi-Eshuh A): translation

1-6King who gathers up the divine powers of heaven and earth, foremost son of Enki, Marduk, mighty lord, perfect hero, foremost of the Great Princes (a name for the Igigi gods) , strong one of the Anuna, the great gods who have given him justice and judgment! Great prince, descendant of holy An, lord who decides destinies, who has everything in his grasp (?), wise, august knower of hearts, whose divinity is manifest, who shows concern for all that he looks upon! Your ancestor An, king of the gods, has made your lordship effective against the armies of heaven and earth.

7-10He has given you the supervision of great august commands of heaven and earth, he has bound to your hand the shepherd's crook that curbs the foreign lands, he has made you excel among the great gods, and in addition has given you, to control them, the royal sceptre and the ritual ordinances of the gods. Enlil has fixed as your destiny kingship over the totality of heaven and earth and has relieved you of any rivals; he has made you eminent among the Anuna, and has bestowed on you the exercise of domination.

111st kirugu.

12Marduk, in all quarters of the heavens they have made shine forth like Utu the lordship of prince Abi-Ecuh, the beloved son of your heart, and have relieved him of any rivals.


14The lordship of the hero standing in all his strength upon this august pedestal is indeed eminent in heaven and earth. The lordship of Marduk standing in all his strength upon this august pedestal, is indeed eminent in heaven and earth.

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