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Letter from Shulgi to Puzur-Shulgi about work on the fortress Igi-hursanga: composite text

Version A


1mpuzur4-cul-gi /cagina\ [...]
3dcul-gi lugal-zu na-ab-/be2\-[a]
4ud bad3 /igi\-hur-/saj\-ja2 mu-/un\-[...]
5kur-/kur\ uj3 dajal-la an-ne2 den-[lil2-le]
6nam-en-/na-bi\ [...]
7iri /kalam\ [...]
8uj3 /kalam\ dajal-/la\ [...]-/nu2\
1 line fragmentary
unknown no. of lines missing


1iri-iri-bi ha-ra-ab-zi-zi-ne
2lu2 saj kij2-bi he2-en-dab5-a
3ki bad3 cub-ba ki-bi-ce3 hu-mu-un-jar
4he2-en-kalag u3 he2-en-du3
5/cag4\ iti 1-kam a2 cub-ba /ha\-ba-til3
6/kij2-bi-ce3\ en3 mu-na-tar-re-/en\
7[X] X-ma tidnum-e kur-bi-ta ma-ra-an-/gur (ms: KE4) \
8m/lu2\-dnanna ensi2 ma-da zi-mu-dar-ra-ke4
9/erin2?\-[na]-/ni\-ta im-mu-e-ci-ri
10[X X] X-ni-ta mu-ra-jal2
11[X] X X ba-ra-/na\-jal2
1 line fragmentary
13[...] he2-/bi2-ib-gi4?\-[gi4]
14[...] al-til-la-ac
15mlu2-d/nanna\ /ensi2\ ma-da zi-mu-dar-raki-ke4
16erin2-na-ni-ta u3-mu-e-cub-bu-un-/ze2-en\
17za-e marad-ju10 na-ma-ab-/bal\-[le]-/en\-ze2-en (1 ms. has instead: nam-ma-ab-la2-en-ze2-en)
18a2 aj2-ja2 kalag-ga a2-zu-ne-ne-a /nam-ba-e-ce-be2\-en-ze2-en
19ji6 an-bar7 kij2 /he2\-en-du3
20ji6 an-bar7 u3 nu-ku-ku-/un-ze2\-en he2-zu-un-/ze2\-en

Version B

1mpuzur2-dnu-muc-da-a2-ra mu-un-ne-du
2mdcul-gi lu2-gal-zu2 na-ap-pa-a
3up-pa-ad-«gi»-igigi-hu-ur-saj-ga mu-un-ta-a
4kur!-kur-re uj3 di-am-ga-al-la an-ne «d» den-lil2-le mu-be mu-un-na-an-cu-um-ma-ta KUR.MEC-ni ni-ci2 ra-ap-ca3-ti AN-nu u3 dKUR.GAL CE3 be-li id-di-nu-ni
5/iri\ di-id-di ma-da ma-da-be URU.MEC-ni ma-tu TA ma-ti-ca3
6uj3 kalam dam-gal-la2 u2-sal-la2 i-nu ni-ci2 KUR.MEC-ti ra-ap-ca3-ti a-bur-ri u2-<...>
7ki nij2-dam-gal-be ku-tu-uc ne-ha mu-un-cu-ub TA cu-ub-ti-cu mu-gal-li-ta X-??
8nitah2-be-e-en-ne munus-e-en-ne NITAH2.MEC-cu-nu MUNUS.MEC-cu-nu
9nitah2-be ki cag4-ga-an-ne-e-du NITAH2-cu e-mi li-ib-bi-cu DU-ka
10munus-ce bal jicgi-ri-da? cag4-ga-an-ne al-<...> MUNUS-tu qa-du jic-BAL-ca3 u3 ki-ri-is-si2 <...>
11edin-na nij2-dam-gal-be na-ri u3-mu-jar X EDIN-ra ra-ap-ca3 ta-bi-ni u2-ma-al-<li>
12za-la-am-ga-na-be-et-te ki um-ni-in-jar-jar ku-uc-ta-ri-a TA IGI ta-ac-ta-JAR.JAR-an
13lu-u2 ki-im ki-ik-ki lu-u2 a-pil-la2 a-cag4-/gu\ «GU» u2 mi-ni-ib-za-al-za-le-en-ne DIM2 «IB» ci-ip-<ri> u3 er-re-cuTA A.CAJ4 uc-/te\-be-er-ru
14im-sik ca3-ab-ra-a nij2-da-ra-ta-an-/ne\ IM.SIK u3 CA3.AB.RA.A ma-li BAD3 ca3-/tu\ DIM2
15/ki\-im-/pa\-da!-be ak-ka-a-a ba-ad-be ne-er-ga-al li-bi-ib-tu-ul-le ci-pir2 BAD3 e-pe-ca3 e-te-el-li-ic lu-u2 aq-bi
16zi um-ni-im u3-da-cag4 X-ne-et-te ci-li-ma CE3 ZI-a u3 ZI KUR-ti-a CE3 cu-ul-lu-mi
17cak-ku-ce ca-qa-al mu-un-na-an-du ac-ta-al am-ta-li-ik-ma BAD3 ca3-tu DIM2
18e-ne-ec-ce um-ni-im im-ma-an-jen i-na-an-na um-ma-nu i¡-¡e4-ha-a
19ki-im bad3-be lu-u2 ki-ig-be he-em-tu ci-pir2 BAD3 DIM2 DIM2 BAD3 DIM2
20ne-e-ce ur-du-um-gu ci-im-gi i-na-an-na ur-du-um-gu ub-te-e'2-i
21im-sik ca3-ab-ra-a lu-u2-be2 he-eb-du-/mu!\ IM.SIK u3 CA3.AB.RA.A ma-li BAD3 ca3-<tu DIM2>
22iri-iri-be ha-pa-an-di-iz-zi-ia URU-ic URU-ic u2-de-ek-ka-ak-ku
23lu2 saj gi-in-ne mu-un-dab5? LU2 TA SAJ-ad ci-ip-ri-cu CE3 E2 <...>
24ki-im ga-al cub-ba ki-be ha-pa-gi-gi a-car BAD3 CUB.BA CE3 ac-ri-cu li-tur
25he-em-ta-ak-lu(-)u2 he-em-du li-iq-qu2-ur2 u3 li-pu-uc
26cag4 iti 1-ka bad3 ha-ra-ab-ti-il-le TA CAJ4 ITI 1 BAD3 cu-u2 lu-u2 qu2-ut-tu
27ki-ig-be-ec-ce en nam-tab-ta-re ci-pir2 BAD3 DIM2 BAD3 DIM2-cu
28lu2-dnanna im-sik ma-ta zi-im-mu-un-dar-ra-an-ne-ne-cu ha-pa-ci-im-tu lu2-dnanna IM.SIK ma-at zi-im-mu-un-dar qa-du ERIN2.MEC-cu a¡-¡a2-ar-da-ak-ku
29zi-bi-is-ce3 he-em-da-am-du-ku ßI2-di-is-su2 na-ci2-ku
30nij2-kalag-ka la-ba-nam-da-ad-da2 te-ki-ta la i-ra-ac-ci2-ku
31up-pa-at-ti-il-la du-ub-de3-en-ne-en-ne he-pi-nij2-du UD-mi BAD3 cu-u2 qu-ut-tu-u2 ¡up-pa-ku-nu DU
32u3 igi-zi-ne-en-ne mu-un-da-re-ec-ce UD-mi IGI-ku-nu ta-ac-ta-ak-na-ni
33lu2-dnanna im-sik ma-ta zi-im-mu-/un\-dar-ra-ak-ke iri-ne-ec-ce ha-pa-ci-im-tu lu2-dnanna IM.SIK ma-at zi-im-mu-un-dar qa-du ERIN2.MEC-cu ez-ba-ni-ic-cu-ma
34ca-e ur-du-um-gu nam-be-eb-le-e at-ta u3 ur-du-um-gu la tu-ha-ra-ni
35ge-e ab-ra-a ki-ig-be he-em-tu mu-ci u3 ur-ri ci-ip-rum DIM2-uc
36a-ga-zi kalag-ka a(-)ga-mu-uc-de3-en-ne-e-ma-ru-uk-ka te-er-ta-ku-nu lu-u2 da-an-<na>-at ri-it-ta-ku-nu e-ma-ru-uk-ka-pu-tu

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