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Letter to Shulgi about bandits and brigands: composite text

unknown no. of lines missing

1/lu2?\-e a dug4-ga id2!-da mi-ni-jar-jar id2 X ([...]) (1 ms. has instead: i3-dun i3-luh-/luh\)
2lu2 la-ga lu2 sa-gaz-e edin sig9-si-ig-ga-bi jicnij2-gul-bi bi2-ak
3nitah-bi-e-ne munus-bi-e-/ne\ (1 ms. adds: /har?-ra?-an\ [...] X) nitah-bi ki cag4-ga-na-ce3 i3?-du-/u3?\
4munus-bi (1 ms. has instead: /munus\-e) jicbal jickirid-da cu ba-e-si-ig har-ra-an cag4-ga-na i3-DU (1 ms. has instead: tab-be2-X) (1 other ms. has instead: du-u3-de3)
5edin nij2-dajal-la-ba ja2-rig7 mu-ni-in-jar (1 ms. has insead: mu-ni-si-ig)
6za-lam-jar mac-gana2-bi ki um-mi-jar-jar (1 ms. has instead: /za\-lam-jar mac-gana2-bi-ta u2-sal mu-un-nu2-nu2)
7lu2 kij2-ak-bi lu2 gud-apin-la2 a-cag4-ga ud mu-un-di-ni-ib-zal-e
8a2 aj2-ja2 dcul-gi lugal-ja2-ke4 gu2-ju10 nu-mu-da-cub
9gu2 bi2-X ji6-ba an-bar7-ba a2-bi X i3-jen-ne-en
10ma-pi-il-la-ca ud tur-ra-ni-ta CU.UC-ba mu-e-X X [...] (1 ms. has instead: cu X-ba nu-e)
11lu2 al-me-a-gin7 cag4-ju10 i3-zu igi-zu um-mi-zu (1 ms. has instead: im-mi-du8)
12lugal-ju10 igi bar-ra dijir-ra lu2 hul-la-ce3? i-ni-TU-X (1 ms. has instead: lu2 hul bi2-i-ni!-in-zu)
13lu2 jarza2 gal kur-kur-ra-ke4 ugu-bi um-mi-dirig
14lugal-ju10 nij2 gal-gal ba-e-dirig gaba-ri MU X-ni-in-[...]
15dug4-ga ab-gi4 BI (1 ms. has instead: dug4-ga-dug4-ga ab-dug4 X [...]) inim-zu inim dugud-da nij2-zu nij2 gal-la-am3
16inim sag9-ga-ni cag4-za i3-jal2 ud us2-sa i3-X X
17lu2-u18-lu-am3 igi-zu an-X (1 ms. has instead: i3-in-/DU\) (1 other ms. has instead: he2-i)
18cag4-ju10 cag4 zu2-KEC2 a-gin7 he2-en-ja2-ja2
19ma-da suhuc bi2-ge-en gu3 tec2-a bi2-sig10-ge5
20lugal-ju10 lugal nu-mu-e-da-sa2 cag4-zu he2-eb-dug3-ge

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