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Letter from Shulgi to Ishbi-Erra about the purchase of grain: composite text

1mic-bi2-der3-ra-a2-ra mu-un-ne-du
2cul-gi lu2-gal-zu2 na-ap-pa-a
3inim me-e-ga-na u2-ud-ki-im me-e-hu-lu a-na a-wa-at ta-ac-pu-ra da-an-ni-ic ah- <du>
4/e\-me-du di-ik-ki-nam mi-in-na na-ar-ra a-ba ma!-an-cu IR3 ca3 ki-ma ka-<ta> ta-ak-lu (ms: KU) ia-a-ci2 ma-an-nu i-na-an-di-na
5 a am-ga lu-ga-al-be cu zi-im-ga-ra a-ba ab-tu-ku-e-ce le-e-a ca3 a-na be-li-cu cu-ud-mu-qu2 ma-an-nu i-cu-uc
6ne-e-ce nij2 a-na mu-ci-iq-qa-an-gu i-na-an-na mi-im-ma ca ta-ac-pu-ra
7jic-ki-im li-ig-in-ne u2-gu-zi-ec-ce me-e-ra-am-gi u3!-ul e-gi CE3 EDIN-ka a¡-¡a2-ar-da
8ba-ba-tu PI ca3-ad-ba-ar-ra at-ta-at-ta e-eg-la-am-gu CE3 ba-ba-ti ca3-an-da-ba-ak-ki
9li-be-ra-ad ki-ki ad ki-ki mu-un-da-a la-be-ra mu-un-ta-al-ka ca3 mi-it-lu-u2-ka i-du-u2
10un ge-ec-tu kub-babbar2 un ge-ec-tu ku-us-ke-ec-ce mu-ra-ad-ka ne-er GU2.UN MA.NA KUG.BABBAR 60 GU2.UN MA.NA KUG.SIG17 uc-te-bi-la-ak-ku
11mu mu-nu-ut-ku-we-ejer-mi-na-an-gu cu mu-un-te-em-ga im-ma-ci-im-gi ac-cu mu-nu-ut-ke-e ca3 EJER um-ma-ni-ia il-qa-am-ma it-ta-al-ka-ak-ku
12u2-mu-uc eri-na-ak-ke u2-gu-uz-ze-ec-ce me-e-ra-am-gi ¡e4-mi um-ma-ni-ia CE3 ße2-ri-ka tu-ur2-ku
13e-ne-er-ra cu-mu-un-na ni-ig-na-ma-an-ne ak-ka-a a-na ca3-cu i-di-ic-cu-um-ma ca3 qa-be-cu DIM2-uc
14e-ma-ru-uk-ka ca3-ap-pi hu-un-na-an-gi-ga ap-pu-tu CA3-cu la i-ma-ra-aß-ku
15u2 za-e ku3-ud-ki kub-babbar2 zu-un-ne-et-ta cu-u2 zi-ba-ab u3 at-ta KUG.BABBAR u3 KUG.SIG17 ca3 CU-cu le-qe2-ma
16ganba-zu2 e-da-da-be-e ca3-a-ca3-a-ma-an-ne [KI].LAM-at> I3.JAL2-cu-u2 CE-am ci2-ta-a2-a-ma
17cu du-uz-zu ni-ig-nam na-an-nu-le TA CU-ka li-ib-qur-ma mi-im-ma la ta-ar-ru-ur2
18u2-da-da dumumu ca3-az-zu-ga-am-gu-u2 de-mi-in uc-tu UD-mi an-ni-i DUMU-rum mu-¡i3-ib li-ib-bi-ia at-ta
19iri-du kur mar-du e2-nam du-a-be mu-ra-ga me-e-ek-ki-na-mi-du-gu-ut-ta CE3 IGI a-mur-ri-i u3 NIM-ti ka-li-cu JAR-na-a-ti ki-ma ia-a-ti KU-ib
20ku-uz-zi barag ku-uz-zi igigi-ne-en-ne-ec-ce tu-uc-ca AH BI IR TA ku-us-si2 BARAG KUG.SIG17 CE3 IGI-cu-nu KU-ma?
21za-na lu-u2 ki-im-ga-ne-en-ne he-li-ib-za-za-an-ne CE3 ka-cu DUMU.MEC ci-ip-ri-cu-nu li-ic-ke-nu-ni-ik-ku
22du-ru-be-cu-uz-zu hu-ur-mi ni-ig-na-me na-an-tu-uk-ku e-li-cu-nu u2-te-el-li mi-im-ma la te-ne-e'2-a
23im-sik zig3-ga im-sik «zi im» ga-ra-a IM.SIG ZI.GA IM.SIG JAR-un
24saj-jen ga-ra nu-banda3 jic-ki-im ku-ra ca3-ak-ka-na-ak-ka JAR-un NU.BANDA3 wu-ud-di
25lu-u2 na-an-ga lu-u2 uk-ka igi gi lu-u2 uk-ka hu-la-a be-el an-ni a-cu-ur2 uz-ni LU2 gu-ul-li-il
26u2-ku-uc i-gi du-uq-qa im-ma-an-sig5-qa re-e-da-a ca3 TA IGI-ka id-dam-qu2-ma
27e2 nam-cul-zu e-ne-er-ra du-mu-un-na cu-um-jar-zu ma-ha E2-ti e¡-lu-ti CE3 ca3-cu DIM2-ma gi-mil-la!-ka li-ti-ir
28ne-e-ce nij2-ga-na mu-ci-iq-qa-an-gu i-na-an-na mi-im-ma ca3 ta-ac-pu-ra
29e-ma-ru-uk-ka-az-zu na-ap-pa-le-e ap-pu-tu pi-ka la te-en-na-a

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