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Letter from Sharrum-bani to Shu-Suen about keeping the Martu at bay: composite text

1dcu-dsuen lugal-ju10-ra u3-na-a-dug4
2car-ru-um-ba-ni gal-zu unken-na arad-zu na-ab-be2-a
3bad3 gal mu-ri-iq-tidnim-e dim2-me-de3 kij2-gi4-a-ac bi2-gi4
4igi-zu mu-e-jar-ma (1 ms. has instead: igi-ni ma-an-jar-ma)
5mar-tu ma-da-ac mu-un-cub-cub-bu-uc
6bad3 du3-u3-de3 jiri2-bi ku5-ru-de3
7id2idigna id2buranun-bi-da
8gu2-jiri3-bi a-cag4-e nam-ba-e-cu2-cu2 a2-ce3 (1 ms. has instead: kij2?-ce3) mu-e-da-aj2
10gu2 id2ab2-gal-ta en-na ma-da zi-mu-darki-ra-ce3
11[...]-bi i3-zi-NE
12bad3-bi 26 danna-am3 dim2-e-da-ju10-ne
13dal-ba-na hur-saj min-a-bi-ka sa2 di-da-ju10-ne
14dim2-me-ju10-ce3 mar-tu hur-saj-ga-ka ib2-tuc-a jectug2 mu-ci-in-ak
15si-mu-ur4ki nam-tab-ba-ni-ce3 im-ma-da-/jen\
16dal-ba-na hur-saj ebihki-ke4 jictukul sig3-ge-de3 im-ma-ci-jen
17u3 je26-e erin2 gidusu i3-il2-il2-ec-am3 /igi? nu?\-um-mi-du8
18jictukul sig3-ge-de3 X-ri-ni-ce3 ba-jen-/na?\
19tukum-bi lugal-ja2 an-na-kam
20lu2 kij2-ak-ne ha-ma-ab-tah-e a2 ha-ma-ja2-ja2
21gun3-a ma-da sa2 nu-ub-da-dug4-ga dug4-en?-de3?-en?
22ma-da MURUB4ki-ce3 lu2 kij2-gi4-a mu-ni-gi4
23ma-da dim2-ma-bi ba-da-kur2
24bad3 du3-u3-de3 nu-cub-be2-en i3-du3-en u3 jictukul i3-sig3-ge-en
25gal-zu unken-na im-ri-a gu-la-am3 he2-em-ma-da-ri
26dim2-ma ma-da nu-ub-da-kur2-ra na-de5 mu-un-e
27ud lu2 kij2-gi4-a-ju10 igi-zu-ce3 mu-e-ci-gi4-a-ju10
28ejer-ra-ni-ta mlu2-dnanna (1 ms. has instead: lu2-den-ki) ensi2 ma-da zi-mu-dar-raki-ce3
29lu2 kij2-gi4-a mu-ni-gi4
307200 erin2 mu-e-ci-in-gi4
31lu2 gidusu ib2-si lu2 jictukul sig3-ge bi2-ib-tur
32tukum-bi lugal-ju10 erin2 kij2 ak-de3 du8-u3-bi ab-be2
33u3-cub jictukul ga-an-da-sig3
34lu2 gal-gal ma-da-za lu2 in-ne-ci-in-gi4
35igi-ne-ne ma-an-jar-re-ec-ma
36me-en-de3 iri-iri en-nu-uj2 nu-mu-da-ak-en-de3-en
37a-na-gin7-nam ugnim a-ra-ab-cum2-mu
38lu2 kij2-gi4-a-ju10 mu-na-ni-in-gi4-ec
39ud lugal-ju10 a2 mu-e-da-aj2-ta
40ud te ji6-ba kij2 im-mi-ib-gi4-gi4-in u3 jictukul i3-sig3-ge-en
41mu inim lugal-ja2-ke4 i3-gub-be2-en jictukul ib2-lah4-lah4-e
42usu nu-um-jar jictukul-ta nu-um-me-ge-en ud kur-kur he2-en-dul?
43lugal-ju10 he2-en-zu

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