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Letter from Ibbi-Suen to Ishbi-Erra about his bad conduct: composite text

1dic-bi-er3-ra /u3\-na-a-dug4
2di-bi2-dsuen /lugal?-zu? na-ab\-be2-a
3en-na den-lil2 /lugal?\-ju10 me-ce3 i-im-jen-ne-en
4za-e ur5-gin7 inim i3-bal-e
5ud-da den-lil2-le ja2-a-ra hul ba-an-gig
6dumu-ni dsuen-na-ra hul ba-an-gig
7urim2ki lu2 kur2-ra bi2-in-cum2-mu
8ki cag4-ba nu-me-a lu2 kur2 im-zig3-ge kur-kur im-suh3-suh3
9ud den-lil2-le dumu-ni dsuen-na-ra im-me-gur
10za-e inim-zu jickim im-ma-an-tuku
1120 gun2 kug-babbar ce sa10-e-de3 /cu\ ba-e-tij4
122 ce gur-ta-am3 kug-babbar 1 gij4-e bi2-in-/sa10-sa10-e\
13ja2-a-ra 1 ce gur-ta-am3 za-e mu-un-gen6
14puzur4-dnu-muc-da cagina bad3 igi-hur-saj-ja2
15mar-tu lu2 kur2-ra cag4 kalam-ma-ju10-ce3 a-gin7 im-da-an-kur9-re-en
16en-na jictukul sig3-ge-de3 nam-mu-e-ci-in-gi
17lu2 saj-du nu-tuku kalam-ma i3-jal2-la
18a-gin7 mar-tu-e an-ta nam-mu-ci-in-gi

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