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Letter from Sîn-illat to Iddin-Dagan about confronting the Martu: composite text

1lugal-ja2 u3-na-dug4
2mdsuen-illat ra-bi-si2-ka3-tum-ma
3arad-zu na-ab-be2-a
4ka-ku-la-tum/ki?\ gaba-ri gid2-da-ju10-ne
5mar?-tu jic/tukul?\-ta cubtum(KASKAL.LAGABxU/LAGABxU)-ta im-zig3
6je26-e X [...]-ga-ju10-ne [...] X 70? i3-dab5
7ka-ku-la-tum/ki\-ce3 ba-ni-in-kur9
8tukum-bi lugal-ju10 ugnim-ma tuc-u3-bi ab-be2
9kuca-ja2-la2 KEC2-da-bi cu he2-mi-ib-da13-da13
10tukum-bi lugal-ju10 ugnim-ma nu-tuc-u3-bi ab-be2
11he2-em-ma-sug2-ge-ec (2 mss. have instead: he2-em-ma-sub2-be2-ec) lugal-ju10 he2-en-zu (1 ms. has instead: a-ma-[ru]-kam)

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