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Letter from Iddin-Dagan to Sîn-illat about the troops: composite text

1mdsuen-illat ra-bi si2-ka3-tum-ma u3-na-a-dug4
2di-din-dda-gan lugal-zu na-ab-be2-a
3kaskal-ju10 ni2 tuku saj gi4-a gu2 id2-da min-a-bi mu-da-ab-bal-e
4ka-ku-la-tum[ki] gaba-ri gid2-da-zu-u3-ne
5dlama dda-gan dX X u3 den-lil2 lugal kalam-[...] erin2-na gu2? bi-in-ri
6me-lem4-ju10 kalam-ma ba-e-dul
7u3 za-e nam-ur-saj nam-kalag-ga-zu X X-bi-ce3 ba-e-[X]
8[X] TAR [...] ba-an-da-[X]
9/nam?\-lugal [...] DU.DU-a ba-[X X]
10/ugnim\ [X X]ki bi2-[...]
11kij2? gal?-la? [...]
12lu2 X X-ne en-nu-uj3 ja2-ja2-da
13a-ga-ac-gi4-bi /he2\-mi-in-du8
14ku4-ku4 ed2-de3 kij2? bar ha-ra-ak-ne
15lugal-ju10 TUKU GA NE JA2 X NA
16KA lul-za u3-mu-e-X [(X)]
17ugnim-zu nam-ba-e-la2 (1 ms. has instead: ugnim-bi KAR nam-X [...])
18ul4-la-bi ja2-nam-ma

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