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Letter from Nanna-manshum to the goddess Ninisina about his unsuccessful medical treatment: composite text

1dnin-i3-si-in-na dumu-saj an kug-ga saj il2 nin-e-ne
2X [X] X-a! gal en dnu-nam-nir-ra me e2-kur-ra cu du7
3X X [X] X-gi4 ama gal dnin-lil2-la2! inim cag4-ga-na nij2 di
4/dam\ [(X)] /ur\-saj gal en dpa-bil-saj-ja2 cul gaba-ri nu-tuku
5/simx(GIG)\-simx-ma ki ku10-ku10-ga-ba cag4-bi lu2 nu-zu
6kug /dnin\-i3-si-in-na tug2!nij2-la2 sed4-de3 ki-bi-ce3 bi2-ib2-gi4!-/gi4!\
7ama kalam-ma a!-zu gal saj gig2-ga cim-mu2 uj3 lu-a
8nam-tar IR.RU.UC su lu2-ka jal2-la zig3-ga nu-ub-zu
9/dnin\ e2-gal-/mah\ KAxX.KAxX-ga-ta lu2-bi mu-un-silim-e
10X [X] X X lu2 til3-le!-de2 DI X
11a [X] (X) zu jic tuku nin-ju10-ra u2-na-a-dug4
12m/d\nanna-ma-an-cum2 dub-sar dumu il3-cu-mu-ba-al-li-/i¡\
13arad2-zu na-ab-be2-a
14ud AN X a2 mu-un-ta-ed2 KAxX-ja2 bi2-ib-jar «KI»
15cu-i lu2? X gu-za-la2 dijir-re-e-ne-ke4 mu-un-cum2-en
169-kam-ma KA.KUD za-ha-da saj-ja2 i3-ni-in-jar
17[X (X)] nibruki siisin2-naki gu2 mu-jar-/re\-ec
18[X]-ma-tej3-je26-e-ec nam-til3-ju10 KA.KA-ne-ne la-ba-an-cum2!-mu-uc
19tug2nij2-la2! nu!-KEC2-da ba-e-cub-bu-uc ba-e-dim2-ec
20tumucen niga mi-ni-in-DU X-ju10-ce3? ba-an-TI-TI

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