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Letter from Nanna-kiang to Lipit-Eshtar about Gungunum's troops: translation

1-3Speak to my lord: this is what Nanna-kiaj the general, your servant, says:

4-6E-danna has turned against my lord. Atta-mannum has made six hundred troops of Gungunum enter into E-danna.

7-11I would not allow these troops to enter old Iri-saj-ana. They camped instead in Iri-gibil. These troops (1 ms. has instead:) The troops of Gungunum have come from the banks of the Id-Amar-Suena watercourse, in order to build ......, to make Dunnum ready (?) and to .......

12-17If my lord does not ...... crews of highlanders, bows, arrows, small boats, fishermen ......, their tied-up leather sacks, weapons, ...... and implements, the armaments of battle, then the troops will construct brick structures by the bank of the Id-Amar-Suena watercourse, ...... and dig a ...... canal.

18-19They should not be neglectful, my lord! It is urgent!

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