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Letter from Ur-saga to a king fearing the loss of his father's household: composite text

1-2Speak to my lord, the bull (1 ms. has instead: wild bull) (1 other ms. has instead: bison (?)) with sparkling eyes, who wears a lapis-lazuli beard:

3-5Repeat to my golden statue born on a favourable day, to my water buffalo reared in a holy fold, chosen in the heart of holy Inana (1 ms. has instead: of holy Inana, ...... of Suen), to my lord, the trusted one of Inana:

6-9You are fashioned like the son of An. As with the words of a god, what you say is irrevocable (1 ms. has instead: all the foreign lands cannot answer (?) your words). Your words, like rain pouring from the skies, are uncountable (1 ms. has instead: are uncheckable) (1 other ms. has instead: are uncontrollable (?)): this is what Ur-saga, your servant, says:

10-14My lord has taken care of me (2 mss. have instead: has not taken care of me); I am a citizen of Urim. If my lord agrees (1 ms. has instead: If it pleases my lord), let no one waste my father's household, let no one take away the home of my father's estate (1 ms. has instead: my old man's home)! May my lord know this!

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