The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
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Enlil in the E-kur (Enlil A): bibliography

Print sources used

Falkenstein, Adam, Sumerische Götterlieder (Abhandlungen der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, Phil.-hist. Kl., Jahrgang 1959, 1. Abh.). Carl Winter UniversitätsVerlag: Heidelberg 1959, 5-79: commentary, translation, composite text.

Jacobsen, Thorkild, The Harps that Once .... Sumerian Poetry in Translation. Yale University Press: New Haven/London 1987, 151-166: translation, pp 101-111.

Reisman, Daniel David, Two Neo-Sumerian Royal Hymns (Ph.D. dissertation). University of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 1970, 41-102: commentary, translation, composite text, photographs.

Römer, W.H.Ph., 'Review of Jacobsen 1987', Bibliotheca Orientalis 47 (1990), 382-390: source transliteration.

Electronic sources used

Electronic source material kindly supplied by J. Krecher (LIT2.TXT, 1996, based on legacy material by B. Jagersma) and M. Civil (COR1.SPI, 1989).

Cuneiform sources

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