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Dumuzid and Enkimdu: composite text

1lu2 ki-sikil tur3 [...]
2ki-sikil dinana amac [...]
3ab-sin2-na gam-gam-e [...]
4dinana /ga\-e-re-dib-dib [...]
5ziz2-/an\-[na ...]
6in-nin [...] ga-[...]
7[nu]-nus-jen nu-me-en ne nu-[me-en]
8[X X X]-ta mul-jen nu-[me-en]
9/nitalam\ sipad-da nu-me-/en\-[X]
10cec-a-ni ur-saj cul dutu
11kug dinana-/ra\ gu3 mu-un-na-de2-e
12nin9-ju10 he2-du12-du12 su8-ba-de3
13ki-sikil dinana za-e a-na-ac nu-ub-ce-ge-en
14i3-ni dug3-ga-am3 ga-ni dug3-ga-am3 (2 mss. have instead: i3 dug3-ga-ke4 ga dug3-ga-ke4)
15lu2 su8-ba nij2-cu-dug4-ga-ni dadag-ga-am3
16dinana he2-du12-du12 ddu5-mu-zid-[de3]
17/unu2\ la2 cuba la2 za-e a-na-[ac] nu-ub-ce-ge-en
(1 ms. adds 2 lines:
17A[i3]-ni dug3-ga-am3 ga-/ni\ [dug3-ga-am3]
17B/lu2\ su8-ba nij2-cu-dug4-ga-ni dadag-[ga-am3])
18i3-ni dug3-ga mu-un-da-gu7-e
19an-dul3-e lugal-la za-e a-na-ac nu-ub-ce-ge-en
20je26-e su8-ba-de3 ba-ra-mu-du12-du12-unla? i-ha-[...]
21 [tug2] gibil-la2-na ba-ra-mi-ni-ga-ga-anßu2-ba-ti-cu na-ap-ci-im X a la?
22 [siki gibil]-la2-a-ni sa2 ba-ra-mu-e-enre-ce20-et ca ci-pa-ti-cu X a la?
23/ki\-sikil-jen me-e mu-un-gar3-e de3-mu-du12-du12-un
24mu-un-gar3 gu gun3-gun3-a-da
25mu-un-gar3 ce gun3-gun3-a-da
26[...] X gu2-/un\ [...]
approx. 7 lines missing
34me-[e] [su8-ba-de3] /ba\-[ra-mu-du12-du12-un]
35inim-bi [...]
36sipad-ra engar? [...]
37lugal-ju10 X [...]
38su8-ba ddu5-mu-/zid-de3\
39[X] X X dug4-ge-de3 in-[X X]
40/engar-e\ ja2-a-ra engar-e ja2-a-ra engar-e a-na mu-un-dirig-ga-am3
41den-ki-im-du lu2 e pa5-ra-ke4
42ja2-a-ra engar-e a-na mu-un-dirig-ga-am3
43tug2 gig2-ga-ni ha-ma-ab-cum2-mu
44engar-ra u8 gig2-ju10 je26-e ga-mu-na-ci-ib-cum2
45tug2 babbar2-ra-ni ha-ma-ab-cum2-mu
46engar-ra u8 babbar2-ra-ju10 ga-mu-na-ci-ib-cum2
47e-ne kac saj-ja2-ni ha-ma-an-de2-e
48engar-ra ga sig7-a-ju10 ga-mu-na-ci-in-de2
49e-ne kac sig5-ni ha-ma-an-de2-e
50engar-ra ga ki-si-im-/ma?\-[ju10] ga-mu-na-ci-in-/de2\
51e-ne kac sa2 gi4-a-ni ha-ma-an-de2-ehi-iq-cu?
52engar-ra ga BUL-a-ju10 ga-mu-na-ci-in-de2
53e-ne kacbir-a-ni ha-ma-an-de2-eX X X a?-cu
54engar-ra je26-e ga u2-ju10 ga-mu-na-ci-in-de2
55ha-ha-la sig5-ni ha-ma-ab-cum2-mu
56engar-ra je26-e ga i3-ti-ir-da-ju10 ga-mu-na-ci-ib-cum2
57ninda sig5-ni ha-ma-ab-cum2-mu
58engar-ra ga /NUNUZ.TE\-a-ju10 ga-mu-na-ci-ib-cum2
59gu2 di4-di4-la2-ni ha-ma-ab-cum2-mu
60engar-ra ga-ara3 tur-tur-ju10 ga-mu-na-ci-ib-cum2
(1 ms. adds 2 lines:
60A/gu2\ [gal-gal-la-ni ha-ma-ab-cum2-mu]
60B[engar]-ra /ga-ara3 gal-gal-ju10\ [ga-mu-na-ci-ib-cum2]X X X [...])
61u3-mu-ni-gu7 u3-mu-ni-naj-ja2-tai-zu-ba
62i3 nij2-dirig-ga ga-mu-na-ra-ab-cub[wa-at]-ri-im
63ga nij2-dirig-ga ga-mu-na-ra-ab-cub
64ja2-a-ra engar-e a-na mu-un-dirig-/ga\-[am3]
65ul am3-te ul am3-te gaba pec10-a ul am3-te
66pec10-am3 sipad-de3 pec10-am3
67sipad-de3 pec10-/am3\ udu na-an-ga-am3-/mi\-[ni-in-lu-lu]
68sipad pec10-a udu lu-a-ra
69lu2 sipad-ra engar mu-na-ni-[in-tej3]
70engar den-ki-im-du /mu\-[na-ni-in-tej3]
71ddumu-zid lugal e pa5-re [...]
72edin-a-na sipad-de3 [edin]-a-na du14 mu-/un\-[di-ni-ib-mu2-mu2]
73su8-ba ddumu-zid-de3 edin-a-na du14 mu-un-di-ni-ib-mu2-mu2
74ja2-a za-a-da su8-ba ja2-a za-a-da su8-ba ja2-a za-a-da
75a-na-ac mu-da-ab-sa2-e-en
76udu-zu u2 pec10 he2-em-mi-gu7
77isin-ja2 udu-zu he2-em-mi-gu7 (ms: lu!)
78a-cag4 cuba unugki-ga ce ha-ba-ni-gu7
79mac2 sila4-zu id2surungal-ja2 a ha-ba-ni-in-naj
80lu2 sipad-me-en nam-nitalam-ju10-ce3
81engar gu5-li-ja2 na-ba-ni-in-kur9-ra
82engar den-ki-im-du gu5-li-ja2 engar gu5-li-ja2
84gig ga-mu-ra-de6 gu2 ga-mu-ra-de6
85gu2 nida bir-un4-na ga-mu-ra-de6
86lu2 ki-sikil nij2 za-a-ra sig9-ga
87ki-sikil dinana ce gij4 gu2 SAL ga-mu-ra-de6
88sipad engar-da a-da-min3 dug4-ga
89ki-sikil dinana za3-mi2-zu dug3-ga-am3

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