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A balbale to Shara (Shara A): composite text

29 lines missing
30X X X [...] si hu-/mu\-[...]
31si mah-e KA /nun?\ [...]
32dcara2 cir3-zu me-te-ac ci-im-[mi-ib-jal2]
33dcara2 me-zu kal-kal a-a an u3-tud-zu [...]
34ama /ugu\-zu kug dinana-[ke4]
35[X X] X kug-ga dur2 ca-mu-u8-de3-[jar]
36[...]-da nu-u8-gig-ga-am3
37[...] X am3-mi-ni-in-DU-en
38[...] mu dug3-ga mi-ri-in-sa4
39[...] X-za hul2-bi
40[...] ca-mu-un-til3 en cag4-ba dalla i3-ed2
41[X X] /an\-na-ke4 X X mu X X X X
42[d]/cara2\ ur5-re X [...] X-en
43X dug3 kug-ga u3-gul jar X [(X)] X X X-ga
44[X] dumu gir15 gal-di X kug X X
45/ec3\ e2-mah-ta ud-de3-ec i-im-ed2
46[bal]-bal-e dcara2-kam

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