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A shir-gida to Nuska (Nuska B): translation

1-6......, Enlil decreed your birth in the E-kur! Nuska, Enlil decreed your birth in the E-kur! Lord Nudimmud, the king of prosperity, honoured you in the abzu. Good minister, I shall praise you! Nuska, majestic minister of Enlil, your praise is good and most sweet. My king, I shall praise you in song!

7-14You are the light of the good shepherd Enlil, and you have been given a majestic name by Ninlil. You have been given wisdom by Enki. You were born to Enul and Ninul, and so you are united with the lordly seed. You are the E-kur's song. You are a minister fit for his king: Nuska, you are the man of Enlil's heart.

15-25You are the wise one among the Anuna gods! You are pre-eminent in just speech! You are the good minister of father Enlil! You do not alter what you have spoken justly. You are the light of the shining ....... You have been given authority ....... You have been looked on favourably by Enlil. You are an adornment of the household of Enlil.
3 lines fragmentary
approx. 30 lines missing

56-634 lines fragmentary
You make pleasing the offering table of Nintud. You issue orders for Ennugi. You ...... life for the king. You ...... over the single path of heaven and earth.

64-71At the command of the household of Enlil, you ...... the great divine powers, you ...... the good divine powers, you are the good provider of the majestic divine powers, you make manifest the everlasting divine powers; you are clothed in the divine powers of ma garments and linen garments; you make the princely divine powers prosper, you perfect the multitude of the divine powers.

72-76The Anuna, the great gods, all honour you with due praise: "Minister, you are endowed with princely strength ...... the lustration rites. You gladden father Enlil's heart!" Praise be to Nuska, the leader of the assembly!

77-78Praise to Nisaba, the righteous, glorious woman who consults with An!

79A cir-gida of Nuska.

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