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A hymn to Sadarnuna (Sadarnuna A): translation


1-3The just woman dwelling among the great divine powers is the lady unsurpassed in ladyship! Sadarnuna, the just woman of far-reaching and just counsel, is the beloved of An!

4-8The great authority (?), the majestic quay, made fitting for the Ec-mah by Enul and Ninul, the just woman has erected her majestic dais in the courtyard of Enlil. As she stands in the holy storehouse Ec-mah, the ...... place, she conveys terrifying awesomeness. The beloved offspring of An the king, as she is worthy of the Pada-nunus (?), ...... the Ec-mah (?).

9-15In his E-melem-huc conveying great awesomeness, ...... fear, serving the great gods of heaven and earth, her spouse, the assembly leader Nuska, .......
4 lines fragmentary
unknown no. of lines missing


1-4 1 line fragmentary
Enlil (?) .......
1 line fragmentary
The heart of Ninlil .......

5Sadarnuna, ...... praising you is sweet.

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