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The debate between the Date Palm and the Tamarisk: composite text

unknown no. of lines missing
1jiccinig ka-ba mu-ni-in-ak bi2-/in\-ba
2inim bi2-in-dug4 jic/jicnimbar-ra\-ce3
3su-ju10 su dijir-re-e-ne-ke4 X
4za-e-me-en gurun-zu? mu-un-gub
5igi-ju10-ta mu-un-jar
6geme2-gin7 igi nin-a-ni am-tej3!(TA)
7jicba-an nu!-mu-un-ja2-ja2
8X cu-gi4-gi4 za-e-me-en nij2-sa-sa-ha
9je26-e si mu-un-DU
10jiri3-/sig10\-zu igi-ju10-ta mu-/ra\-[...]
11cur2-ra-a-ni-ta /jic\jicnimbar mu-un-na-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
12inim bi2-in-dug4 /jic\cinig cec-bi-X
13tukum-bi ugu-ja2-ra barag al-du3-du3-ne
15dijir nu-un-pad3-de3-ne im-ma e-ce
16su dijir-re-e-ne ec3-bi ze2-<me>-en
17barag dijir-re-e-ne mu /dug3\ ib2-sa4-sa4-ne?
18kug-babbar kuc dijir-re-e-ne tec2-a
19X-ma-ab nij2 dijir-ra nij2-sag9-zu? dug4-ga-ab
unknown no. of lines missing

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