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The dedication of an axe to Nergal: composite text

2dumu lugal-cuba dam-jar3-ra-ke4
4ha-zi-in nagga mu-na-ni-in-dim2
5jic-bi jicar-ga-nu-um hur-saj-ja2
6a-lal3-e dirig-ga-am3
7na4-bi an-ta-sur-ra-am3
8gaba-ri nu-tuku-am3
9he2-sig3-ge a2-ni na-an-kuc2-u3
12u2-gu he2-ni-ib-de2-e
13ki-bi ga-mu-na-ab-gi4
14ud til3-la-ja2 igi hu-mu-un-du8
15ud ba-ug7-en kur-ra
16a si-ga hu-mu-un-na8-na8

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