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c.4.07.a/Tr/Gl bad3-ti-bi2-ra /e2\-muš-kalam-ma-ta
c.1.4.4/Tr/Gl bad3-tibiraki mu-un-<da-sa2-sa2>
c.1.7.4/Tr/Gl 2-kam-ma-še3 nu-gig-ra bad3-tibiraki mi-ni-in-šum2
c.2.1.1/Tr/Gl bad3-tibiraki en-me-en-lu2-an-na
c.2.1.1/Tr/Gl bad3-tibiraki ba-šub-be2-en
c.4.80.1/Tr/Gl bad3-tibiraki muš3-za e2 bi2-in-gub barag-za dur2 bi2-in-ĝar
c.1.4.1/Tr/Gl bad3-/tibira\ki-a e2-muš3-kalam-ma mu-un-šub kur-ra ba-[e-a]-ed3
c.1.4.1/Tr/Gl ga-e-re7-en-de3-en bad3-tibiraki-a e2-muš3-kalam-ma-še3 ga-an-ši-re7-en-de3-en
c.1.4.1/Tr/Gl bad3-tibiraki-a e2-muš3-kalam-ma-ta
c.1.4.4/Tr/Gl [bad3]-/tibiraki-a\ i-lu za-ra <i-lu du5-mu-ri-ib-dug4 >
c.1.4.4/Tr/Gl bad3-tibiraki-a i-[lu za-ra] <i-lu du5-mu-ri-ib-dug4 >
c.4.80.1/Tr/Gl 10 e2 ddumu-zid bad3-tibiraki-a
c.2.1.1/Tr/Gl nam-lugal-bi bad3-tibiraki-še3

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