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c.0.2.03/Gl i3-na-ab i-me-a
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl i3-na-abki i3-me-a kiri8-tab nu-me-/a\
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl i3-na-abki iri-iri-a kur nam-nun-na-kam
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl i3-na-abki /iri-da-e\-ne /gu\ [na]-la2-e-ne
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl i3-na-abki iri-a ezen /gu3\ [bi2-ib-ra]
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl i3-na-abki iri ezen ĝal2-la-še3 u6 di-de3 ba-gub
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl i3-na-abki iri ezen ĝal2-la-še3 u6 di-de3 ba-gub
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl kisal i3-na-abki ad6 im-il2-[il2]-/e\
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl i3-na-ab[ki] u2-lum a-lam-ma
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl ensi2 i3-na-abki-a tigi-šem5-kuša2-la2-a
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl e2 kaš i3-na-abki-a ga-/re7\-[en-de3-en] ga-ba-e-re7-en-de3-[en]
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl ab-ba-ab-ba-ar i3-na-ab/ki\-[a]
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl /um-ma\-um-ma-ar i3-na-abki-[a]
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl e2 i3-na-abki-a-ka ḫu-mu-na-/ab\-sa2-e
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl /kan4\ i3-na-abki-ka ĝešpu2 lirum-e
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl kar /i3-na\-abki-ka mu-ni-in-[X]
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl [ĝuruš munus] X i3-na-[abki]-/ke4\-ne
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl [arad2-arad2] X i3-na-ab[ki]-/ke4-ne\
c.1.7.1/Tr/Gl geme2-/geme2\ i3-na-ab[ki-ke4-ne]
c.0.2.06/Gl in-na-ab me-a

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