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c.4.33.2/Tr/Gl […] X-ba dku3-su13
c.4.33.2/Tr/Gl [gud] /šar2\ udu šar2-da dku3-su13
c.4.33.2/Tr/Gl /gud\ šar2 ninda šar2-da dku3-su13
c.4.33.2/Tr/Gl eridug? ki ?-ta en dku3-su13 za3-mi2
c.4.13.05/Tr/Gl dku3-su13-e šu-luḫ-ḫa ba-ni-gub e2 ni2-bi u3-tud
c. dku3-su3 dindagara e-ne-ne-da nu an nu-sikil-la ki nu-dadag-ge
c.4.16.1/Tr/Gl dku3-su3 arḫuš sud dezina2 ḫuĝ-e-de3
c.4.13.05/Tr/Gl dku3-su3-e šu sikil šu dadag ak šu im-ma-an-kug-ge

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