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Result: 11 line(s)
c.1.2.2/Tr/Gl munus saĝ il2 nun-gal-e-ne […]
c.1.3.5/Tr/Gl dnun-gal-e-ne dirig-ba
c. dnun-gal-e-ne du6 kug-ga-/ke4\-[ne]
c. saĝ il2-la nun-gal-e-ne /mi\-[ni-…]
c. {dili-a-ni-še3 saĝ il2} {[dili-a]-ni il2 saĝ-kal} nun-gal-e-ne
c. dinana u3-sumun2 zid nun-gal-e-ne nir-ĝal2 nin-[e-ne …]
c. dmarduk en er9-ra ur-saĝ šag4 1(AŠ)-ša4 palil dnun-gal-e-ne
c.4.07.3/Tr/Gl zag dib kur-kur-ra dumu gal dsuen-na maḫ-[di nun-gal-e-ne]
c.4.07.3/Tr/Gl [X] saĝ-kal nun-gal-e-ne pu2 niĝ2-/ḫuš\ nu-še-ga
c.5.3.5/Tr/Gl […] ku6-e nun-gal-e-ne ba-šum2-mu-uš
c.4.21.1/Tr/Gl saĝ /il2?\ /nun-gal\-e-ne-me-en

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