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c.6.1.03/Tr/Gl si-mu-ru i3?-dab5? bad3-e nu-/un?\-[X]
c.6.1.25/Tr/Gl si-mu-ruki i3-dab5 gu2-bi nu-mu-un-da-gid2-X
c.6.1.11/Tr/Gl si-mu-/ur\-[ruki] [i3-dab5] gu2-bi [nu-…-gid2] šag4 /ḫul\ […]
c.3.1.03/Tr/Gl {/da?\} {/gaba?\} si-mu-ur-ru-um {[ma]-da Xki-še3} {ma-da su-bir4ki-ta}
c.6.2.1/Tr/Gl si-mu-/ur?\-[ru-um] [i3-dab5] bad3-bi [nu-un-gul]
c. zi-mu-darki-ra-ta si-mu-ur-ru-umki-še3
c.3.1.15/Tr/Gl si-mu-ur4ki nam-tab-ba-ni-še3 im-ma-da-/ĝen\
c.6.1.03/Tr/Gl a-šag4 si-mu-ur4-ru-umki

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