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c.3.1.08/Tr/Gl lu2-dnanna im-sik ma-ta zi-im-mu-un-dar-ra an-ne-ne-šu ḫa-pa-ši-im-tu (lu2-dnanna IM.SIK ma-at zi-im-mu-un-dar qa-du ERIN2.MEŠ-šu aṭ-ṭa2-ar-da-ak-ku)
c.3.1.08/Tr/Gl lu2-dnanna im-sik ma-ta zi-im-mu-/un\-dar-ra-ak-ke iri-ne-eš-še ḫa-pa-ši-im-tu (lu2-dnanna IM.SIK ma-at zi-im-mu-un-dar qa-du ERIN2.MEŠ-šu ez-ba-ni-iš-šu-ma)
c.3.1.08/Tr/Gl m/lu2\-dnanna ensi2 ma-da zi-mu-dar-ra-ke4
c.3.1.08/Tr/Gl mlu2-d/nanna\ /ensi2\ ma-da zi-mu-dar-raki-ke4
c.3.1.10/Tr/Gl […] zi-mu-dar-ra-ke4
c.3.1.05/Tr/Gl ud zi-mu-dar-ra-še3! igi-ĝu10 bi2-ib-ĝar-ra
c.3.1.15/Tr/Gl gu2 id2ab2-gal-ta en-na ma-da zi-mu-darki-ra-še3
c.3.1.15/Tr/Gl eĝer-ra-ni-ta {mlu2-dnanna} {lu2-den-ki} ensi2 ma-da zi-mu-dar-raki-še3
c. zi-mu-darki-ra-ta si-mu-ur-ru-umki-še3
c.3.1.16/Tr/Gl m<lu2>-den-ki ensi2 ma-da zi-mu-dar! ki-še3

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