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A tigi to Inana (Dumuzid-Inana H)

Segment A

1. ga-ca-an-jen ca-ga-ba-ta ud zal-la-ju10-ne (ic-tu am-ca-li i-na cum-su2-li-ya)
2. ga-ca-an-an-na-jen ca-ga-ba-ta ud zal-la-ju10-ne
3. ud zal-la-ju10-ne e-ne di-da-ju10-ne
4. ud zal ji6 sa2-a-ce3 en3-du dug4-ga-ju10-ne (i-na cum-su2-lim u3 cum-/ci-im\)
5. gaba mu-un-ri gaba mu-un-ri (im-hur-an-ni)
6. u3-mu-un gu5-li an-na gaba mu-un-ri
7. u3-mu-un-e cu-ni-a cu im-ma-an-du3 (ih-si2-in-an-ni)
8. ducumgal-an-na gu2-ja2-a gu2-da ba-an-la2 (ki-ca-di i-di-ir)
9. me-a-am cu ba-mu-u8 e2-me-ce3 da-jen
10. gu5-li dmu-ul-lil2-la2 cu ba-mu-u8 /e2-me\-ce3 da-jen
11. ama-/ju10\ lul-la-ce3 ta mu-na-ab-gub-be2-en (mi-nam az-za-as?-si2)
12. ama-/ju10\ dga-ca-an-gal-e lul-la-ce3 ta mu-na-ab-gub-be2-en
13. je26-e ga-ri-ib-zu-zu je26-e ga-ri-ib-zu-zu (lu-uq-bi?-ki)
14. dinana lul-la munus-e-ne je26-e ga-ri-ib-zu-zu
15. ma-la-ju10 sila dajal-la e-ne mu-di-ni-ib-ma?-ma? (i-na re-bi-tim im-me-li-il)
16. ub3 sag3!-sag3 e-ne di-da hub2 mu-di-ni-in-gub (i-na up-pi lu-pu-tim i-na me-lu-ul-tim i-ra-[ap]-pu-ud)
17. i-lu-ni ze2-ba-am3 ad mu-ci-ib-ca4 (qu2-be2-e-/ca\ ta-bu-tim i-na-as-sa3-as)
18. hul2-hul2-e ze2-ba-am3 ud mu-di-ni-ib-zal-e (it-ti-ca? uc-te-be2-er-re)
19. ama ugu-zu-ur2 lul-la-ce3 za-e gub-bu-na-da
20. me-en-de3 iti6-ce3 e-ne su3-ud ga!-da-e (i-na ri-ca-tim i nim-me-li-/il\)
21. ki-nu2 kug he-nun-na suh ga-mu-ra-/du8\ (mu-uc-ta-ti-ki lu-pa-ti-ir)
22. ud dug3 nam-he2-a hul2-la hu-mu-u3-di-ni-/ib\-[zal-e] (li-ip-pu-uh2)
23.     sa-gid2-da-am3

24. [X X] /ki\-sikil-jen sila sir2-ra X [...] (TA su?-qe2-tim)
25. [X X] X-da ud-da mu-e-da-X [...] (X IM X X X)
26. [...] X X X [...]
approx. 11 lines missing

Segment B

1. [X X] MU X X [...]
2. [X X] X RA? su3-/ud mu\-un-ja2-[ja2]
3. /kan4 ama\-me-da nam-mi-gub
4. me-e hul2-la-ta i3-di-di-de3-en
5. kan4 ga-ca-an-gal-la-da nam-mi-gub
6. me-e hul2-la-da i3-di-di-de3-en
7. ama-ju10-ra mu-lu e-ne-ej3 hu-mu-na-ab-be2
8. u5-cu-ur2-me a ki de3-sud-e (li-sa3-al-li-ih)
9. ama-ju10 ga-ca-an-gal-ra mu-lu e-ne-ej3 hu-mu-na-ab-be2
10. u5-cu-ur2-me a ki de3-sud-e
11. ki-tuc-a-ni ir-bi ze2-ba-am3
12. e-ne-ej3-ja2-ni aj2 hul2-/hul2-la\-am3 (ca hi-di-a-/tim\-ma)
13. u3-mu-un-ju10 ur2 kug-ge he2-du7
14. dama-ucumgal-an-na mussa dsuen-na
15. en ddumu-zid ur2 kug-ge he2-du7
16. dama-ucumgal-an-na mussa dsuen-na
17. u3-mu-un-ju10 he2-ma-al-zu ze2-ba-am3
18. edin-na u2-cim-zu ku7-ku7-dam
19. dama-ucumgal-an-na he2-ma-al-zu ze2-ba-am3
20. edin-na u2-cim-zu ku7-ku7-dam

21.     sa-jar-ra-am3

22.     tigi dinana-kam

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Electronic sources

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Cuneiform sources

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