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A praise poem of Šulgi

Segment A

unknown no. of lines missing

1-4. Let praise be sung for me that ……. Through weapons an enduring …… has been established for me like a tower, as I ……, as I rise in opposition …….

5-8. When I am radiant in the holy crown like a brilliance that is renewed daily (?), and the majestic sceptre that amasses abundance has been entrusted into my hands, on my firmly founded throne …… granted as a gift …… I lift my head high.

9-12. I am Šulgi, the good shepherd of Sumer, and I have always established justice. Like a flood, like onrushing water, I have torn out wickedness as being unclean (?). As much great praise as I have had sung about me -- by the name of Enlil, none is false, and all is true.

13-14. Like a white wild bull …….
1 line fragmentary

Segment B

unknown no. of lines missing

1 line fragmentary Let praise be sung that I have …… the assembly (?).
2 lines fragmentary

6-7. Let praise be sung, that I have gone across the …… of the Land. Let deserved praise be sung for me, that in every mouth I have put prudence (?), an attractive quality like …….

8-11. Let praise be sung, that I have shown strength in grappling and wrestling. Let deserved praise be sung for me, that I have …… in the Land, that I have made a return visit to the shrine Nibru and back along the road to Urim, and have marched a distance of 30 dana.

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