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A fragment of a royal praise poem

(genre classification uncertain)

Segment A

unknown no. of lines missing

3 lines fragmentary
2 lines missing
2 lines fragmentary
unknown no. of lines missing

Segment B

2 lines fragmentary ...... who was given a long-lasting kingship by (?) Enlil. ...... who takes counsel ....... For the ...... of the youth Suen ...... soothes the heart. He gave ...... to him.
2 lines fragmentary
unknown no. of lines missing

Revision history

30.vii.2001: GZ, editor: adapting translation
24.viii.2001: JAB, editor: proofreading
24.viii.2001: GZ, editor: SGML tagging
14.ix.2001: ER, editor: proofreading SGML
14.ix.2001: ER, editor: web publication GC/JE, editor/technical developer: XML/TEI conversion

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