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An adab to Nanna (Nanna H)

Segment A

1-5. Righteous lord who determines destiny! Born to Ninlil, Suen, beloved son of Ninlil, Suen, having no rival in the E-kur, the house of Enlil: your divine powers are majestic divine powers granted by An!

6-12. Your father, holy An, has bestowed upon you divine powers to which other gods cannot aspire. Enlil has decreed them to you in destiny. The lord of the holy lustration rites, An, has established them. ……, sacred lion of the gods, justly honoured, you are the light of heaven.
1 line fragmentary
unknown no. of lines missing

Segment B

1-5. O house of …… in ……, city founded by An! O house of …… in ……, city founded by An! O house of Lugalbanda in ……, city founded by An! O house of …… in ……, city founded by An! O house of Inana in Zabalam, city founded by An!

    6. Sa-ĝara.

7-9. O shrine Urim! Within, through their intricate craftsmanship, the Enki and Ninki deities have perfected the divine powers with their righteousness, and the Anuna gods stand there in service.

    10. Its ĝišgiĝal to the sa-ĝara.

11-13. O Urim, shrine of the mountains! O shrine Urim, shrine of the mountains! O Urim, city founded by An!

    14. Its uru.

    15. An adab of Nanna. (lines 14 and 15 are written as one line in source)

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