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Ninurta's journey to Eridug: a šir-gida to Ninurta (Ninurta B)

Segment A

1-7. The hero …… coming forth from the E-kur; Ninurta …… coming forth from the E-kur,
1 line fragmentary …… Ninurta, the son of Enlil,
1 line fragmentary in order to instruct ……, Ninurta went from the place of Enlil to Eridug.

8-13. To determine a destiny of abundance, to improve ……, to see that vegetation should grow lushly in the spacious land, to see that the cow-pens and sheepfolds should be heavy with butter and cream to make the shepherds rejoice, the warrior Ninurta went to Eridug.

14-28. To see that the Tigris and the Euphrates should roar, to see that ……, to see that the subterranean waters should be terrifying, to see that in the lagoons the carp and the goat-fish ……; to see that in the reed thickets mature and fresh reed, first fruits, ……; to see that the numerous animals, the creatures of the plain, the ……, the stag, the deer, the great ……; to see that ……; to see that the living creatures should not diminish, to see that ……; to see that the divine powers of Sumer shall not be forgotten, nor the divine plans of all the lands altered; to see that ……, to see that faithfulness will prevail (?), Ninurta, the son of Enlil, in order to make judgments ……
unknown no. of lines missing

Segment B

1-4. As the king went to the abzu, he prepared the way for him; as Ninurta went to Eridug, he prepared the way for him. He made the roadway festive for him, he …… for him. He made Ninurta joyful in the abzu, in Eridug.

5-9. When the king arrived at the abzu, the day was spent in abundance and the night in celebration; when Ninurta arrived at Eridug, the day was spent in abundance and the night in celebration. The firstborn son of An presented him with divine powers for a lifetime; the lord of all divine powers restored the ancient divine powers to their places for him. The good days of Sumer were to come, …… Enki.

10-17. As a king, Ninurta, the son of Enlil, wore a crown and ……; as a lord, he tied on the shining headgear and held abundance in his hands. He came forth radiantly, raised his head high in the abzu, in Eridug. A youth who is the glory of the E-kur ……, he is the …… of kingship; he is the prayer of heaven and earth. With An and Enki he sits joyfully in the courtyard …….
unknown no. of lines missing

Segment C

1 line fragmentary Ninurta, you are the great wall of Sumer. You are respected because of your heroism.

4-6. Lord who renders true judgments, son of Enlil, linen-clad, god of the determining of fates, suited for lordship, king of (?) the holy lustration rites, an expert in divination, you are indeed suited for the holy throne-dais!

7-19. Ninurta, who together with An determines the destiny in the abzu, in Eridug, what you say takes the breath away; the fate you determine is immutable. Just as (?) for your statements, so also for your determining of fates, the heroic gods of the abzu salute you. O king, just as (?) you raise your head in the abzu, so, Ninurta, may you raise your head in Eridug! The Anuna gods speak in praise of your heroism. King, …… the E-kur; Ninurta, …… the E-kur; …… great …… its house. Dragon, lion, its abundance …….

20-30. At the word of Enlil, you rise up (?), warrior Ninurta. Your kingship's fearsomeness and awesome radiance covers the rebellious lands. Warrior, you harrow and you fortify the Land. From the heart of the mountains you bring down silver and lapis lazuli, the treasures of the mountains ……, to your father Enlil. On the horizon ……. At evening ……, …… companion ……. Lord who destroys the foreign lands, who always claims (?) victory, Ninurta you are the warrior of Enlil; you are authoritative in heaven, warrior …….
unknown no. of lines missing

Segment D

1-7. He gave …… to you. He gave …… into your hands. …… the fifty great divine powers, the pure cleansing rites; fifty is the number of the divine powers of the E-igi-šu-galam ……, in which you determine the fates; fifty is the number of the divine powers of the hall of the evening meal, where your table is erected. No one can declare the great divine powers; no one …… the good divine powers.

8-14. Your city is august; your house is august. Your divine powers are august; your lustration rites are august. The commands of your kingship are august; the cry of your heroism is august. Ninurta, the son of Enlil, …… is august. When you come forth from the house of ……, your tall shadow hangs over the Land; from the south as far as the highlands, it covers the Land like a garment.

15-20. Your grandeur pleases Enlil; Ninurta, your grandeur pleases Enlil. It pleases him that you give firm commands ……. It pleases him that you determine fates ……. It pleases him that you make the royal throne firm. It pleases him that you …….

    21. It is a šir-gida of Ninurta.

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