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Enlil and Ninlil (c.1.2.1), line c121.59
Enlil (DN)pollutertownto go out or into go out or in
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Enlil was walking in the Ki-ur. As Enlil was going about in the Ki-ur, the fifty great gods and the seven gods who decide destinies had Enlil arrested in the Ki-ur. { Enlil, the ritually impure, left the city. Nunamnir, the ritually impure, left the city. } { (2 mss. have instead:) "Enlil, ritually impure, leave the city! Nunamnir, ritually impure, leave the city!" } Enlil, in accordance with what had been decided, Nunamnir, in accordance with what had been decided, Enlil went. Ninlil followed. Nunamnir went, the maiden chased him.
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