ETCSLglossingSignSignSign name: ŠU.NAGA
Values: tu5

Enlil and Sud (c.1.2.2), line c122.1.A.38
E-kur (TN)daisto be majesticto be majesticto sitto livedestinyto cut
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The heart of the wise lord pounded. He called for Nuska." What is your wish?" He gave the following instructions to him: "I want you to go back to Ereš, the city of Nisaba, the city whose foundations are august. Do not delay! Repeat to her what I am going to tell you: "I am a young man, I have sent this message to you because of my wish: I want to take your daughter as wife. Give me your consent. I will send you presents in my name, …… my marriage gifts. I am Enlil, the descendant and offspring of Anšar, the noble, the lord of heaven and earth. The name of your daughter shall become Ninlil, and all the foreign countries shall …… it. I will present her with the Ĝa-ĝiš-šua as her storehouse. I will give her the Ki-ur to be her beloved private quarters. She shall { sit } { (1 ms. has instead:) live } with me in the E-kur, { my } { (1 ms. has instead:) the } august dais. She shall determine fates. She shall apportion the divine powers among the Anuna, the great gods. And as for you, I will place in your hands the lives of the black-headed people." When you get there, let the woman I have chosen for her beauty …… her mother. Do not go to her empty-handed, but take her some jewellery in your left hand. Waste no time. Return with her answer quickly."
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