ETCSLglossingSignSign name: KU
Values: bid3, bu7, dab5, dib2, dur2, duru2, durun, gu5, ku, nu10, suḫ5, še10, tukul, tuš, ugu4

Enlil and Sud (c.1.2.2), line c122.2.B.26
day(light)Sud (DN)Enlil (DN)kingNinlil (DN)ladyto be
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Paragraph t122.p16 (line(s) 15-29) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
(Enlil speaks:) "From now on, a woman shall be the ……; a woman shall be the mistress of the house. May my favourite wife, who was born by holy Nisaba, be Ezina, the grain, the life of the Land. When she appears in the furrows like a beautiful young girl, may …… be her provider, watering her with water from the ground, as she grows prime grain and prime flax …… (1 line unclear) …… the harvest crop …… the great festival of Enlil ……. ……, the measuring rod, the marking of the boundaries, and the preparation of canals and levees are fittingly in your hands. The farmer entrusted cultivation into your hands. Proud woman, surpassing the mountains! You who always fulfil your desires -- from now on, Sud, Enlil is the king and Ninlil is the queen. The goddess without name has a famous name now, …… (1 line unclear)May it be you who determine that destiny …… attends to it ……."
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