ETCSLglossingSignSignSign name: MA2.MUG (DIMGUL)
Values: dimgul

Inana and Enki (c.1.3.1), line c131.B.2
inana (ES: ga-ša-an-an-na)ĝe26 (ES: me)ĝenabzueridug (ES: uru2-ze2-eb)ĝen
Inana (DN)Ito gounderground waterEridug (SN)to go
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"Inana, …… it is I who ……. I, Inana, personally { intend to go to the abzu } { (1 ms. has instead:) intend to go to Eridug }. I shall utter a plea to Lord Enki. Like the sweet oil of the cedar, who will …… for my holy …… perfume? It shall never escape me that I have been neglected by him who has had sex."
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