ETCSLglossingSignSign name: GA2×ME+EN (MEN)
Values: dan2, men

Inana's descent to the nether world (c.1.4.1), line c141.305A
garlicthingto be bitterto crush
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Paragraph t141.p47 (line(s) 295-305) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
Those who accompanied her, those who accompanied Inana, know no food, know no drink, eat no flour offering and drink no libation. { They accept no pleasant gifts. They never enjoy the pleasures of the marital embrace, never have any sweet children to kiss. They tear away the wife from a man's embrace. They snatch the son from a man's knee. They make the bride leave the house of her father-in-law } { (instead of lines 300-305, 1 ms. has 2 lines:) They take the wife away from a man's embrace. They take away the child hanging on a wet-nurse's breasts }. { (1 ms. adds 3 lines:) They crush no bitter garlic. They eat no fish, they eat no leeks. They, it was, who accompanied Inana. }
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